Bapu Birthday Special Article

By - December 15, 2014 - 04:42 PM IST

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Bapu- the name itself speaks of creativity and art. He gave a new definition to the earthliness of a feminine Telugu beauty in our regular households. The brilliant tinge of comedy, expressions and fantastic characters are the trademark of this legendary gentleman. Today is the birth anniversary of this phenomenal personality who gave some memorable pieces of art in the form of Cinema as well as Sketches. Losing a legendary artist like him was a huge shock to Telugu People this year. Though he is not physically present among us, his work continues to enthrall the audience with the same vigor and mastery. IQlikmovies brings you the five ultimate characters created by Bapu in the world of Telugu Cinema along with his all time friend Ramana: 

Ramu(ANR) from Andala Ramudu: For a brilliant artist like ANR who can look his best in any sort of role, this was quite a challenge. When this film was released, ANR was having the stylish hero image with heroics. But Bapu transformed ANR into a guy next door with such brilliant perfection and adding the fun element as well.

The Artistic Contractor (Rao Gopala Rao) in Mutyala Muggu: Nobody can forget this portrayal of the evil 
contractor by mesmerizing character artist Rao Gopala Rao. The signature scene where he looks at the Sunset and expresses himself saying, “ Aakasam lo murder jariginattu ledhu?” and the scene where he explains the value of art in life by saying, “Utthine Tini Tongunte Manishiki Godduki Theda Etuntadhi” became a defining moment in Telugu Cinema.

Padma (Vanisri)- The Strong Woman in Gorantha Deepam: During the era when Vanisri was ruling the 
Telugu Film Industry with glamor and stylish looks, Bapu casted her in this completely de glamorized role of a woman who believes in actions rather than words. Bapu redefined the female lead role with this film where she is so confident about herself and doesn’t make a point to be fiery in the figurative sense. 

Krishna Murthy (Rajendra Prasad) The Fun Fashion Designer in Pelli Pustakam: Bapu shared a fantasticworking chemistry with Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad. This film featured Rajendra Prasad as a family man next door with his natural looking histrionics and amazing chemistry with his co-star Divya Vani. The film brought back the simple pleasures in life and the enormous wittiness which Bapu-Ramana possessed in real life. 

Gopala Krishna (AVS) The “Tutthi” Businessman: AVS got the much needed break as an actor with amazing comedy timing with this film. He played the role of an innocent businessman yet too innocent and gullible. The way he renders the line “Tutthi” with a mesmerizing diction sure is a masterstroke by Bapu.

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