RGV's New Book To Release Soon

By - December 16, 2014 - 08:48 AM IST

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The moment you hear RGV’s books you will remember his ‘Naa Ishtam’ or ‘Vodka With Varma’ written by the popular lyricist Sirasri.  And reading the headline might make you think what new book is coming now. Well, this is not that type of book you are expecting and here is the inside story.

Reports say a special coffee table book is being prepared for Ram Gopal Varma’s new movie Spot. This book would contain details on the history of the dreaded factionists Paritala Ravi and Obul Reddy along with the enmity they shared. The book would give an insight into the characters  of Spot.

If you can recall, RGV and team did something similar during the making of Rakta Charitra. Now, the same is going to happen for ‘Spot’. The book would contain full details about the film and its background. The film is scheduled for release during Sankranthi along with Gopala Gopala and the producer is Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana. So, the new book can be expected anytime before that.

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