Historical Movie Of Year 2014

By - December 15, 2014 - 05:12 PM IST

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It is common for you to see few movies tend to get postponed but release it after a while. The reasons for postponement can be many. But for outsiders, questions like ‘Why so much delay, why so many days of shooting, is it money problem, did producers have a clash’ etc crop up and leaves a negative impression on the film itself.

Now, one film is being tagged as the historical movie of the year 2014. It is the film Rey starring Sai Dharam Tej along with Saiyami Kher and Shraddha Das. Given the number of times it was announced for release and the number of days it took for completing its shooting, this tag has been given. Even the trailer of Rey got released amidst a lot of hype last year but till now no news came up.

Now, after a long gap, another release date has been given as January 30th, 2015. That way, Rey became the most hyped, most talked but never released movie in 2014 because big names such as YVS Chowdary, mega family hero Sai Dharam are attached to it. Rey was meant to be the debut for Sai Dharam. Of course, one can also recall how Chiranjeevi’s film Punadhi Rallu got completed first but his other film Praanam Khareedu released first making that his debut. Let us hope Rey becomes Sai Dharam’s second release and doesn’t get delayed further

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