Censor Festival In Tollywood

By - December 17, 2014 - 04:42 PM IST

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You have heard of film festivals and food festivals but are you wondering what is this censor festival? Well, it is not a festival but as good as a festive celebration which is currently on in Tollywood. The reason for that is, the regional censor board officer Dhanalakshmi is no longer around and a new person has come.

His name is Vijay Kumar Reddy. Now, the reason why this is a moment to rejoice is during her tenure, Dhanalakshmi gave a horrendous time to many directors and producers. While she stuck to her guns stating she was going as per rule, it created a lot of damage to films. Reason being, it doesn’t work that way for films.

Most of the situations happen very haphazardly for films because they rely on external factors like financials, sentiments, last moment emergencies. But in the name of rules, Dhanalakshmi used to keep aside crucial films and took things down the wire. But now, the Tollywood members are confident that problem will not be there. Let us wish Vijay Kumar Reddy fulfills all the gaps then.

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