Fans In Tension With Top Hero's Health

By - December 17, 2014 - 04:31 PM IST

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The recent spate of deaths in the film industry has caused quite a concern not just to the cine members but also to their fans. And when something like that happens to a top hero then the concern and anxiety gets doubled. This is the reason why fans of Tamil hero Vikram are said to be in a lot of worry.

Well, Vikram has gone through some drastic transformation in his physique for his new movie I. After spending three years for the project, he changed himself from a beefy hunk to a lean matchstick. Sources say he dropped nearly 50 kilos after building a muscular physique.

With so much fluctuation, fans are worried as to how his body can cope up the radical changes and it would take a toll on Vikram’s health. But they need not worry so much. Vikram’s transformation was done under the strict supervision of doctors, physicians, dieticians and fitness experts. In fact, Vikram has now joined the league of Hollywood greats like Tom Hanks and Christian Bale. Hanks did something similar in ‘Cast Away’ while Christian Bale also shed nearly 80 kilos for the movie ‘The Machinist’.