Phobia For Celebrities In Audio Functions

By - December 17, 2014 - 04:54 PM IST

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When you look from a distance, you would really fancy the life of a celebrity and get fascinated by it. But the closer look reveals what kind of baggage celebrities have to carry. Even they have their own share of mental blocks and phobias. Now, a new phobia has begun to take over the Tollywood celebrities.

Well, the Cine celebs are being invited as guests for Audio functions. But during the event, suddenly the anchor thrusts the mike towards the celebrity and some question is being asked. The celebs are not sure how to answer that and are feeling nervous. Not everyone has that spontaneity so that is why they have started avoiding the audio events.

When an ordinary person doesn’t answer it is okay but if a celeb goes mute then it is trouble for his/her image and reputation. That is why they are now saying “If no question is asked during the event, I will come or else no.” Basically, celebrity presence is much required because it would ensure strong live coverage from TV channels and media. For any film’s audio functions, the celebrity blessings are mandatory but this surprise attack through questions is causing trouble to them. Let us see how this problem will be sorted.