Should Pawan Kalyan Come For Publicity?

By - December 18, 2014 - 11:11 AM IST

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When a film of power star Pawan Kalyan is on the anvil, it creates a frenzy among his fans and they hope to see him in the promotional events. Now, discussions are happening about the film Gopala Gopala wherein Pawan has done a special role. The topic is, should Pawan come for the film’s publicity?

Those who have been tracking and understand Pawan a little bit say “For audio function Pawan might come but for other things he may not. What is the need for him to come? Just his presence in posters itself is big publicity. Of course, if he comes to any promo event, the craze and hype becomes double.”

They add “But then, he doesn’t have to move around to promote his film like any other hero.” There is good credence to this observation because though Pawan is not the lead hero in this movie, just on his name, the entire business of ‘Gopala Gopala’ has happened and that too in huge figures. That’s the stamina of the power star.

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