Lobbying For Tickets Again

By - December 20, 2014 - 12:12 PM IST

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When the election season is on, the range with which the politicians keep running around for tickets is known to you. Similarly, when India is playing a cricket match, the same amount of frenzy is seen for tickets. In fact, all this involves a lot of lobbying as well. But here is a film which is requiring a similar amount of lobbying.

It is the latest Bollywood release PK. The film has got a hit talk and if the public is getting tickets in websites it is okay. However, they are getting seats in front rows. As a result, they are calling up theatre owners and asking for upper rows. Generally, this rush is there for two to three days.
But for PK it is not looking so. Talk has come that it has to be watched with family and hence, heavy pressure is falling upon the multiplex and theatre owners to arrange bulk tickets in nice rows. Unable to handle this lobbying, they are switching off the phones. After a very long time Hyderabad is seeing so much of demand for a movie.

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