Change In Film Industry After Chakri's Death

By - December 20, 2014 - 12:07 PM IST

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All it takes is one incident to change the course of history or the way to the future. That is the power of human emotions. The killing of school children at Peshawar by Taliban created a new perspective of terrorism and the approach has changed. Now, a death in Tollywood has affected many in the fraternity.

We are talking about the death of music director Chakri and the talk is on about his lifestyle, eating and other habits. Dying after touching the old age is routine. Or if the death is caused due to severe health ailments like cancer, it is acceptable. For that matter, even suicide, accident is also something nobody can control.

But just with an erratic lifestyle and drinking without control is something many are focusing and changing their lifestyle. Chakri passed away at a very young age and if this had happened when he got older it would have been understandable but what happened is not acceptable. With Chakri’s sudden demise, many cine members have begun focusing on their food, fitness and with one question raging in their minds ‘What if something like that happens to me’.