National Award And Filmfare Reserved For Him?

By - December 20, 2014 - 05:56 PM IST

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The biggest honor and achievement for any actor or actress in their career is achieving the national award. While that award recognizes the true performance quotient, there is also the Filmfare award which brings branding and added celebrity value to the artists. Now, both these awards are being attached to one actor.

He is none other than Vikram. In the last few months, a lot is being spoken about Vikram’s new movie ‘I’ and the way he has transformed himself for the role. Not only has Vikram shed nearly forty kilos after beefing up but he has also dubbed for his voice in all the three languages.

He has also dubbed with a distinct voice for his hunchback character which resulted in throat infection for him. This kind of dedication and commitment is absolutely rare in the Indian film fraternity. The icing on the cake is Vikram’s performance and the stage looks set for ‘I’ to become a blockbuster and Vikram to earn the prestigious honour.

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