Director ran away to escape 'Gay' Kiss

By - December 22, 2014 - 12:08 PM IST

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Quite often you have seen those scenes in movies when Gays try to approach straight men and how they try to seduce. All this is done in a very light hearted manner and the objective to bring few smiles to the audience is achieved. But recently, one director had to do some running around to escape a gay kiss.

Well, all this happened in the latest episode of ‘Ali Talkies’ the famous program being hosted by comedian Ali in a famous TV channel. The celebrity guests were the team of the new movie Ladies & Gentlemen. In the episode, a young man dressed as a woman and draped in Saree came around kissing everyone from the film’s team.

And then he came to the noted director Madhura Sreedhar who has produced Ladies & Gentlemen. When he tried to kiss Sreedhar, the director ran throughout the sets to avoid getting kissed by the woman-man. All this resulted in a lot of laughter not just for those present there but also for the audience. For the record, Ladies & Gentlemen is hitting the screens on January 23.

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