RGV-Prakash Raj film from Mid-Jan

By - December 22, 2014 - 10:31 AM IST

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If you are an RGV fan, the only question that must be raging in your head right now is ‘Why is Ramu not coming up with films that match his caliber and talent?’ After seeing his cult blockbusters like Shiva, Satya, Sarkar, Company, Rangeela, Money and others, this is quite a genuine question.

In the last few years, RGV has scored a record number of flops with not even minimum collections at the theatres. But that has never unfazed him and he is going about his job churning out films. But what he is about to do now has caught the industry and audience by surprise.

Well, RGV is all set to do a big budget film with none other than the powerhouse actor Prakash Raj in the lead. This is slated to commence from mid-January onwards and all are intrigued by this combination and curious to know what kind of story this is going to be. The analysts say this could well be a turnaround project for RGV in a positive side or Prakash on a negative side. Let us wait to see what happens.

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