'India Pakistan' Title Goes International

By - December 20, 2014 - 06:20 PM IST

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When the names of India and Pakistan are taken, the only thoughts that come to mind is rivalry, enmity, fighting etc. But there is another side to both these nations that constantly works towards improving relations and establishing peace. The best medium for that is the entertainment industry.

While Bollywood films have a very strong presence in Pakistan, Pakistani actors are getting red carpet welcome in Mumbai. Meanwhile, in south one title has become international. This is a Tamil movie named as India Pakistan and it has the famous music director Vijay Antony as the hero.

The leading lady is the hot and sexy Sushma Raj of Maaya and Joru fame. The audio release is taking place today and the film is scheduled for release in January. The title alone has caught a lot of attention among cine buffs across the globe and they are waiting to see what it contains. This is directed by debutante N Anand.