Telugu Actress With Rajnikanth's Dialogue

By - December 20, 2014 - 06:11 PM IST

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What comes to your mind when you think of superstar Rajnikanth? It is either his flamboyant style or his power packed one-liners that reverberate for many years in our hearts. Now, his dialogues are becoming the titles for films and one Telugu actress seems to have latched onto Rajini’s unforgettable line.

In his blockbuster hit Narasimha, Rajini addresses Ramya Krishna and says “Naa daari…rahadaari…”. Now, the same has been translated to Tamil and a new movie is coming titled as En Vazhi Thani Vazhi. The interesting part is, this film has our very own Poonam Kaur as the leading lady.

Recently, the audio release of this movie took place amidst the presence of big star Vijay. The film is the remake of the Bollywood flick Ab Tak Chappan and here is another bit of surprise. The ‘Dookudu’ girl Meenakshi Dixit is also another leading lady and she along with Poonam would be flanking the hero RK. Let us wish the film becomes a success and gives these two beauties the much needed recognition.

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