Jayasudha Says Anjali Has Chance

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If you were to vote your favourite heroines of the yesteryears your most preferred choices would be either Sridevi or Jayaprada. But amidst them came another actress who carved a niche of her own through her natural performances. She is none other than Jayasudha and that is why she has earned the maxim ‘Sahajanati’.
Recently, Jayasudha was sharing her thoughts when the topic of her classic hit Trisooolam came into discussion. She was asked ‘Who according to you is the correct actress to reprise your role if ‘Trisoolam’ is remade’. For this, Jayasudha reportedly said “Telugu girls these days don’t really have that nativity.”
For this, the question asked was ‘Why not Anjali?’ and Jayasudha replied “yes, she has some chance.” True to her opinion, in today’s time, Anjali is one starlet who is a true beauty with a lot of nativity inside her. By the way, all this happened on a TV show and the anchor was none other than Suma Kanakala.  

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