Naresh advices PK, appreciates Mahesh fans

By - December 30, 2014 - 10:21 AM IST

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Actor Naresh never shies away to call a spade a spade and he is quite active on Twitter with his statements, comments and observations regarding everything under the sun. Early this morning, he is back with his sharp and acute comments/observations on the current political scenario of the Telugu states. Here are his tweets -

“There is some information that P.K Will activate JANA SENA after gabbarsingh 2. Hope that happens. Its the need of the hour.

Thr is vaccum in A.P aftr the paraylisis of hand & fan short circuiting. People r luking fr a strong regnl partyJ.S & P.K can fil th gap.

Lots of leaders like tractors a R lying idle. Thy need land 2 plough. Jana sena can provide platfrom. Bt choosing the ritw tractors is imp.

Regional parties & national parties both r important. But more important r clean leaders with a vision and commitment. P.K can fit the bill.”

Not just that, he had something for Mahesh Babu fans too-

“I applaud mahesh fans fr thr mature thinking. As a political obserever wen I takd abt p.ks role in politics thr wz no out burst excpt a few.”

Well, everyone has the right to freedom of expression and Naresh always exercised it for the right and need of the hour. Hope and wish his comments are taken and understood in the right spirit.

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