Puri's Terms & Conditions

By - January 02, 2015 - 01:27 PM IST

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This is not regarding the conditions he imposes for his producers/heroes/heroines or his crew!

This is in fact regarding the ‘10days, 10 stories, 10mins Direction Contest’ he announced recently.

For all the aspirant directors, Puri has a contest but you know for every alluring thing, there are some conditions that apply! And here are Puri’s conditions to all the aspirants who wish to participate in the contest –

You should make the short film in the minimal budget and importantly, you should not unnecessarily splurge money on making the short film.

> You should not borrow money from anyone (friends or for that matter anyone) for the short film he/she is making. If you think you are smart, here is another rule for you.

> You should not borrow/bug your parents for money.

> You should convince ‘someone’ to produce your film. [The theory here is that if you can’t convince someone to produce your 10mins short film, you cannot become a director]

These are few valid conditions Puri proposes for this contest. Puri has always been welcoming change and inside sources say this was a plan many years back. In a way, he is following the footsteps of his guru RGV who rather encouraged many aspirants like Puri, Krishna Vamsi, Nivas, Anurag Kashyap and keeps doing the same even now.

Well, on the other side, many aspirants have talent, caliber and million ideas but no able support to make a short film and this support includes a proper team support, technical support, financial support and Puri’s conditions do pose a serious challenge to these aspirants.

But as Puri said, there are many ways of making a short film and nothing comes without hard work.  iQlik Movies wishes them good luck!