Madhura Sreedhar's Clarity about Mass Films

By - January 06, 2015 - 07:35 PM IST

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If you want to prove yourself as a worthy filmmaker then you need to score a hit with mass movies, that’s the true mark of a talented filmmaker. But then, not all think like that and one such example is director/producer Madhura Sreedhar. Recently, in one interview he was asked “You can make mass films which reach more audience. Why do you make movies which are too soft and not much recognized.”

For this, Madhura Sreedhar gave an interesting reply. It goes something like this “Recently, I went to Narayanamma college for the promotion of my new film ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’. I was shocked to discover that 80 percent have watched my past directorial venture ‘It’s My Love Story’ and most of them are girls. They also sang two songs from the film and they also have caller tunes.”

He added “It is a clear sign that there is audience for my films. With my own conviction and clarity when I can reach a segment of audience why should I get into mass films? My personal conviction is mass movies work only with big heroes. With small heroes and small setup it may not work I feel. So, I decided that I will work as per my sensibilities and those who will connect will appreciate it. Without me getting convinced as a director it is not possible to make mass movies.”  This is a valid thought shared by Sreedhar for other directors.

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