NTR upset about fan's death

By - January 06, 2015 - 11:57 AM IST

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You might presume this news to be about yet another fan death at some random event. But this is not so!

Fulfilling someone’s last wish becomes the most important aspect for anyone. And that is why, when some non-profit organizations inform stars about their fan's last wish, they see that they fulfill their last wish. Recently, Pawan Kalyan also visited a kid named Sreeja (a cancer survivor).

Likewise, meeting NTR was the last wish of Maheeba who is suffering from blood cancer from over 18 months. But just when Tarak learnt about her last wish, news broke out that she is no more. This news has in fact disheartened him and Tarak shared his feeling with the world –

“Just when I came to know that maheeba's last wish was to see me.another news follows that she is no more.

I wish I could fulfill her last wish.may her soul rest in peace.strength to the family.”

Just imagine Maheeba’s jubilance if she would have met Tarak? Well, we pray for her soul to rest in peace and strength for the grieved family.

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