Inside News: Tollywood Heroes For 'Kodi Pandelu'

By - January 06, 2015 - 12:29 PM IST

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The festival of Sankranthi is approaching and it is considered quite special and auspicious for the Telugu people. At the same time, the Kodi Pandelu happen strongly in the Godavari districts so here is a byte. Some of the heroes belonging to Tollywood go to Kodi Pandelu in Godavari districts but it is done discreetly.

The media focus is not on and though it is not legally allowed since it is part of a tradition, it gets exempted. The heroes ensure their identities are not revealed. The latest trend is that some organizers are saying that a hero is coming to that place and spread the news to collect funds.

Truth remains that till the last minute it is not confirmed whether the heroes will come. We are not disclosing the names here for obvious reasons but then just like every other year, even this year some of the Tollywood heroes have planned their destinations in the Godavari districts.

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