Pawan Kalyan Modifies Gabbar Singh Step

By - January 08, 2015 - 09:39 AM IST

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When you are asked to name your favorite movie of power star Pawan Kalyan you would come up with Badri, Jalsa and among the recent ones, it would be Gabbar Singh. Pawan set a cult blockbuster through this movie and his mannerisms. Now, it appears that he has taken a leaf from that film for his forthcoming venture.

We are talking about the movie Gopala Gopala and some are saying he has modified a dance step he did for a song in Gabbar Singh. We are talking about the number Pilla nuvu leni jeevitham… wherein he dances as if he is holding a trumpet. This became a craze among many at that time.

Now, the same step becomes like he is holding a flute and Pawan is doing it in Gopala Gopala. And the icing on the cake is, along with him, even victory Venkatesh has danced with the same step. Though Gopala Gopala is remake of the Hindi movie Oh My God, more than Hindi, the Telugu version is added with more masala. Where else have you seen God and an atheist dancing together?