Discussion On Critic Turned Director's Film

By - January 09, 2015 - 09:41 AM IST

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Newton’s third law states ‘Every action has equal and opposite reaction’ and this is something the film fraternity follows in a very big way. Of course, most of the times it is used with a negative intent. Now, the discussion in filmnagar is about one film which has been made by a critic-turned-director.

He is none other than Mahesh Kathi and the film in talk is Pesarattu. As a critic, Mahesh keeps slamming different movies on his social networking profile. So now, all those who bore his brunt are waiting for his movie to come. First among them are the filmmakers who are keen to review his movie in the most critical manner.

Even in TV channels, Mahesh comes and criticizes films openly. In a way it is a risky factor and on the other side, he is making movies. Those who are waiting to take their vengeance say “He keeps giving us lessons on how to make a film. Now, we will see how he has made his film.” Pesarattu has Nandu and Nikitha in the lead.  

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