Pawan Kalyan For Rs 2000

By - January 09, 2015 - 09:37 AM IST

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We are sure that if you are a fan of power star Pawan Kalyan then you would be looking at your watch and the wall clock because the time is ticking for the much talked about movie Gopala Gopala to arrive. Clearing all obstacles, the film is set for release on January 10th.

In view of that, many areas are now coming up with benefit shows and the craze for Pawan seems to be touching the sky.  A ticket which is usually sold between Rs 300- Rs 500 is now getting offers for upto Rs 2000/-. Though it is a huge amount for a student, they are shelling out their entire savings to buy the ticket.

While that is happening on one side, on the other side, the multiplex managements are having a tough time dealing with calls coming from bigshots demanding tickets for the earliest show. But the hardcore fans of Pawan are opting for the benefit shows because that’s where the real kick and mania for Pawan is seen.

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