Film Celebs React On Paris Attacks

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‘Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face.’ These words from Jacques Chirac hold true value because the way terrorism has been growing and expanding in today’s world is blowing the living daylights of the common man.

The latest in that fray is the shootout at Paris and the way innocent civilians, media people were killed by Islamic militants. In no time, the film fraternity came forward to express their grief and anger over the incidents. The terrorists were shot dead by Special Forces but they had taken down four hostages even at that moment.

Many biggies from Tollywood and Bollywood voiced a similar protest and the list includes the names of Amitabh Bachchan, Shruti Haasan, Samantha, Khushbu Sundar, Sonu Sood and others. Paris is a romantic city known for its heritage and an extremely beautiful culture but the bullets from the Kalashnikov rifles of religious fanatics has left a bloody mark on this city.

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