Secret Engagement Of Tollywood Heroine

By - January 10, 2015 - 08:56 AM IST

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You are very well aware that the life of a heroine may be filled with glitz and glamour but at the same time, it has got its baggage which is tough to deal with. The first in the list is the perception that regular people have about heroines and the various linkups and affairs they are put up in.

Amidst such an environment, it gets really hard to keep things a secret and above all, maintain a clean slate bereft of linkups. One starlet who proved to be an example is Tashu Kaushik. While she was clean as water in terms of controversies of affairs in her career, she has maintained the same guard in her personal life.

Well, the cute looking girl got engaged to her childhood buddy Devang Raj and friends of Tashu reveal she has kept that under very tight wraps all these years. The news of engagement came as a bolt from the blue because Tashu was completely kept away from media focus and managed things smartly. For now, Tollywood is wishing her a happy married life!

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