Mahesh Fans Hurt By Hindi Film Reviews

By - January 12, 2015 - 05:17 PM IST

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When you become a fan of a superstar the essence of logic is totally discarded because it is all about emotions and admiration for the star. So, whenever something negative comes about him, you treat that very sensitively and react accordingly. This is the situation right now with the fans of superstar Mahesh Babu.

Reports are arriving from different corners that fans of Mahesh Babu are hurt by the reviews of a Hindi film. We are talking about the movie Tevar which is the remake of Mahesh’s big hit Okkadu. While Okkadu is considered Telugu industry’s finest commercial hits, the Hindi reviewers don’t think so.

A reviewer named Mihir Fadnavis who writes for First Post has reportedly stated that 'Tevar is the remake of yet another terrible south Indian movie'. Mahesh fans are not at all able to digest this and they are reminding that many Bollywood films coming these days are coming up with South Indian flavor only. They are quoting the examples of Chennai Express, 2 States reminding of how the south flavor is now working for Bollywood business. Even Tevar is doing very well at all centers then why this disregard is the question by Mahesh fans.

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