Rajnikanth Doing Mistake?

By - January 12, 2015 - 05:12 PM IST

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You have seen many film stars and their legacies over the years but some of them just go beyond the normal human realm and create an aura for themselves. Perhaps the only name that can be taken in the Indian cinema context is superstar Rajnikanth. The way he has mesmerized the people even after crossing 60 is mind boggling.

But right now, a different perspective is getting generated about Rajini and his decision making. It has to do with the protests happening in Chennai by the distributors of his recent release Lingaa. The film failed to work wonders at the box office and it is heard that a distributor Singaravadivelan who took Trichy and Thanjavur rights has alleged he lost Rs 35 crores due to the film.

In all this, Rajini is maintaining a stoic silence while the tussle is increasing between the makers of Lingaa and the distributors. Some are saying Rajini is doing a mistake and he needs to intervene in this matter before it goes out of proportion. But there are also those who believe he is doing the right thing by keeping silent because every statement from him will have a much larger impact on the issue.

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