Intelligent move by Sundeep Kishan

By - January 12, 2015 - 10:58 PM IST

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Beauty with brains quote is usually referred for heroines in film circuits but it also implies to smart hunks like Sundeep Kishan too. With hald a decade experince in his hand Sundeep knows how to keep the buzz alive for his movies and do unique publicity for his projects. 

Sundeep kishan made a intelligent move with the team of his upcoming film Tiger by grabbing a rare opportunity for publicity of his movie. Tiger movie teaser has been attached to the Vikram-Shanker I film which is getting released on 14th January, 2014. And I being the one of the most awaited film , Sundeep Kishan's Tiger teaser will get more mileage now rather then if it got released in YouTube solely.

Tiger film is believed to be a refreshing tale of two friends with Andala Rakshasi fame Rahul Ravindran playing yet another lead role alongside Sundeep. This action Thriller set in Varanasi is been directed by Aanand, who previously worked as an associate to director AR Murugadoss. Chota K Naidu is the cinematographer for this entertainer.

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