Pawan Kalyan's Tweet On Gopala Gopala Success

By - January 12, 2015 - 05:33 PM IST

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The two names that most of you must be hearing right now is Pawan Kalyan and Gopala Gopala. Well, that’s his latest offering and though he has done a special role, it is being touted as Pawan’s film. On the other hand, the power star has joined Twitter recently and many are interlinking both these points now.

Apparently, Pawan has not given a single tweet on Gopala Gopala and its success. Even someone like Mahesh Babu who is very rare on Twitter tends to put a line or two after his film’s release but Pawan has not done that. Those who are observing Pawan say maybe he is very clear about his tweets.

They feel that he wants to use Twitter for a completely different purpose. Instead of his movies, Pawan might use it for society and people related things. Since many are expecting Pawan to ramp up his political activities and the Jana Sena party his twitter handle is being monitored closely to see what will Pawan write there.