Sreekanth Addala's Superstar Plan

By - January 13, 2015 - 09:55 AM IST

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When you become a filmmaker, there are lots of things to be taken into account and not just your style of narrating a story. Ultimately, the combination of all the 24 crafts and in good sync only produces a proper movie and brings success at the box office. This is the reason why many filmmakers try to come up with some stunt or the other.

Right now, the talk is on about director Sreekanth Addala and it appears he has come up with a master plan. In order to create interest and range different methods are there and Sreekanth is good at that. For his movie SVSC he brought in the killer combination of Mahesh Babu and victory Venkatesh.

That combo became the pull factor and then he got to do Mukunda and since it was Varun Tej, the son of mega brother Naga Babu, the pull factor worked again. For any director, while announcing the film, the combination should generate that ‘Pulling factor’. Now, the talk is on that Sreekanth is aiming directly for superstar Rajnikanth for his new movie with Mahesh Babu. If it works then it will be extraordinary and Sreekanth will reach envious heights. He is a very intelligent director because more than content he is impressing all with combination and packaging. Let us wait and see what happens to his 'super'star plan then!

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