Difficulties Of Telugu Directors In Bollywood

By - January 16, 2015 - 05:32 PM IST

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You may have noticed the exodus of actors, technicians from south to Bollywood in sizeable numbers but it has not been the case with directors. But in the recent past, few Telugu directors have gone to Bollywood. But are they really having a good time? We sent our investigation team to find out.

Basically, what are the difficulties faced by our people there? For starters, a red carpet welcome is not there for Telugu filmmakers. At any point, the Bollywood circles are looking to exploit. Maybe for someone like RGV it worked because he was able to gel with their mindset and culture.

Most importantly, promotion cost is expensive as it requires at least Rs 10 crores. Unless so much is spent, people will not even know about a film. Also, unless a big hero like Amitabh or a young star like Ranbir Kapoor is onboard, the hype doesn’t get created. But trying to catch hold of a lesser known hero and making a movie is difficult. Though you have great content, it will not work.  So, if you are in Tollywood and want to go to Bollywood, you must be mentally prepared for all these challenges and then head to Mumbai.

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