Big Hero Rocking With Innovative Posters

By - January 16, 2015 - 05:22 PM IST

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The first taste of a cinema that you get is from looking at its poster and that kind of gives you an impression on whether to watch it when it arrives or not. Of course, if it is a big hero movie then it is obvious that you expect more from the poster itself. This is something one big star seems to be aware of completely.

He is none other than Kamal Haasan and he is rocking with some really innovative posters for his new movie Uttama Villain. Directed by his good friend and actor Ramesh Aravind, the film has come up with a new trailer recently and it has caught the attention of everyone.

Kamal has added some extra fizz to it by coming up with some attention catching posters and the way the title design is made is superb. Reports say Kamal plays a dual role, that of a modern day star hero and that of an 8th century theatre artist. The storyline is rather interesting so let us see how entertaining it gets. For now, some magic is already happening with the posters.

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