Gopala Gopala & I Collections @ BO

By - January 16, 2015 - 02:58 PM IST

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Sankranti Week is the most prestigious one at the box office! Cockfights in Godavari districts and at Tollywood box-office are the star attractions of this season. But unlike previous seasons, this time it was a Tamil dubbing film versus a straight Telugu film.

Irrespective of the public talks on both the films, Shankar’s I and Pawan Kalyan’s Gopala Gopala were going great guns in this week. Gopala Gopala that released this Jan 10 experienced exponential increase in its collections while Shankar’s I minted decent shares, given the sky high expectations.

According to trade sources, the scores (AP + Nizam) so far are as below-

Gopala Gopala (6 days) – Rs 24.3 crores [Andhra – Rs 11.80, Ceeded – Rs 3.9, Nizam – Rs 8.6]

Shankar’s I (2 days) – Rs 12.6 crores [Andhra – Rs 5.7, Ceeded – Rs 2.8, Nizam – Rs 4.1]

With no other big releases around the corner, both the films can garner decent shares over the weekend but Gopala Gopala might have the edge of repeated audience. By this Sunday, we can expect a clear difference in the Box office stamina of both the films.

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