Interesting Promotion Line For Evade Subramanyam

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We don’t have to tell you about the amount of creativity that is required in the cinema industry and those who have the right kind of imagination only survive here. In the last few years, the quotient of creativity has taken a new stride and everyone is looking to come up with something innovative in every aspect of filmmaking.

This is being seen right from coining a title to a film to bringing out its promotional material. One film which fits both the bills is Evade Subramanyam. While it has grabbed enough attention with this offbeat title, the team has now come up with a rather interesting promotion line which is creating a strong buzz.

The line goes – ‘6800 mts above sea level, 36 member team, 40 days in Himalayas, one film - Evade Subramanyam.’ This is a good marketing technique and it works in favor of pre-release hype. This is more for A-center audience who look for something different in every film. Starring the natural talent Nani, the teaser of the film has already scored the brownie points.

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