Pawan Kalyan's Lord Krishna Trend In AP

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It doesn’t require any explanation on the power and charisma of power star Pawan Kalyan. His mere presence onscreen is enough for audience to go crazy. He is doing that currently with his latest offering Gopala Gopala wherein he has essayed the role of Lord Krishna. But here is an interesting add-on to it.

It is heard that photo frames of Pawan Kalyan as lord Krishna are now popping up at homes of the power star fans. There was a time when the great N T Rama Rao’s picture as Lord Krishna was kept as photo frames in many homes. That culture exists even today.

Now, Pawan Kalyan fans are doing the same with his picture as modern Krishna. Those who have seen all this are saying Pawan seems to have reached the status of NTR among his fans. This trend is being seen more in west Godavari. Taking a cue from it, some of the photo frame shops are doing bulk orders and selling them like hot cakes.

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