Small films trailers impressed Rajamouli

By - January 19, 2015 - 07:46 AM IST

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Not everyone appreciate and publicly support other filmmaker’s movies in current generation but director S.S.Rajamouli is an exception to it. He never hesitates to express his opinion if he found something interesting.

Rajamouli repeated his act of appreciating some good work which he came across using his social networking account. SSR tweeted,

"Two trailers that I found really interesting. One is Evade Subramanyam, looks very promising. ATB Swapna cinema"

"And Surya Vs Surya Nikhil developed a knack of finding interesting subjects and is creating a space for himself"

Hero Nikhil responded back to S.S.Rajamouli tweets as follows:

"Thanks 2 Genius Director 4 giving us this compliment. We will work harder 2 liv up 2 ur expectation sir"

"For any Actor Most important appreciation is frm a Dir since movies r a Dir media.This tweet frm will be treasured forevr by me"

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