Coincidence Between 2 Big Comedians

By - January 19, 2015 - 04:46 PM IST

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A coincidence is something you may have experienced a few times in your life and while some of them are memorable, some are unforgettable. And then there are those string of coincidences related to two people which is rather unusual. This is what prompted a few to discuss about two big comedians.

They are the duo of Brahmanandam and Johnny Lever respectively. Despite his illustrious career of films, Brahmanandam has done only one Hindi film and that is Welcome Back. On the other hand, Johnny Lever who is also a senior artist has done many Hindi films but the only Telugu film he did was Criminal directed by Mahesh Bhatt.

While that may be one coincidence, here is another interesting one. Both Brahmi and Johnny Lever are born in Guntur district and they have reached envious heights of fame in the world of comedy and entertainment circuit. They say that people from Godavari and Guntur districts have a strong penchant for pun and humor so maybe this could be the reason behind this coincidence.  

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