Clarification on Suriya's Fake Ids

By - January 21, 2015 - 05:32 PM IST

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Fan clubs and Fans associations are gone things! Now, whoever has the highest Likes or Followers on Twitter is the True star. They have become the true parameters for his/her stardom.

When there are official accounts, there are also Fake accounts. Many enthusiasts open accounts on the name of various heroes and heroines and the poor ignorant fans sincerely and seriously follow them. This has happened with many stars before and Tamil star Suriya has just joined the list.

Few hours back, the news about actor Suriya joining Facebook has created huge sensation and many followers across the globe liked the account. But it has been officially declared that it is a FAKE PAGE created by some unknown groups. Reacting to this, the authorized fans club of Suriya has lodged a complaint on this fake page to the Cyber Crime department.

Now it is clarified that actor Suriya is neither on Facebook nor Twitter. So, watch out…if you are following any of those!

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