Who is this Russian Madhu Shalini?

By - January 21, 2015 - 07:00 PM IST

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When you scout for some authentic Telugu beauties in Tollywood, your attention is definitely captured by Madhu Shalini. This girl is not only a trained classical dancer but a good blend of hot glamour and sex appeal with sizeable acting quotient. But the question making rounds is about a Russian Madhu Shalini.

Apparently, there is a twitter handle which goes ‘twitter.com/themadhushalini’. She has been speaking about world news and everything is in Russian language. But the interesting part is, her followers are all authentic Telugu people from remote places of both states. Even the display picture has got a Hollywood actress’s face.

All this is looking very mysterious to Madhu’s fans and they say it looks more like a fake id. But if it is, what is the need for writing in Russian. They state that this handle has been started recently. To give some clues, the name after translation says it is Michael Kotenko with a tagline that reads ‘The kingdom of women - a kingdom of tenderness, delicacy and tolerance.’ This is a strange Russian mystery.