Young Hero on Swine Flu Awareness

By - January 22, 2015 - 10:19 AM IST

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We live in times when technology has reached Mars but so has the presence of mysterious illnesses in our backyard. One syndrome which has gripped Hyderabad in fear is the Swine Flu. What starts as a normal mosquito bite ends up creating havoc inside the body leading to death.

The city has already witnessed few deaths in the last two months and now one young hero has voice his thoughts on the same. He is the vibrant star Nikhil Siddhartha and he expressed his views through tweets which go like this-

‘Washing your hands before touching your face or nose area can reduce the risk of Swine Flu... But best would be the vaccine shot.. Praying _/_’

‘Guys the Danger of Swine Flu is Real nd Present.. Plzzz get the vaccine done soon or atleast cover your faces with a mask in public. Stay safe’.

This request could not have come at a better time from a hero who has become an inspiration to many youngsters. So, make a note!

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