Why 'A' Certificate For Comedy Film?

By - January 22, 2015 - 10:14 AM IST

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As most of you are aware, a film gets an ‘A’ certificate from the censor board only when it has some excessive scenes of blood and violence, objectionable skin show, lip kisses or scenes that might convey negative vibes to society. But can you imagine a comedy movie getting an ‘A’ certificate?

Well, something like that has happened with the movie Pataas. Though the title sounds like an action entertainer, the trailer and a recent interview from director Ravipudi Anil revealed this is more of a comedy entertainer mixed with action elements. Given that situation, why did it get an ‘A’ certificate?

We did our share of enquiries and it is revealed that certain objectionable expletives were used in the movie. It is also heard that certain comedy dialogues have double entendre. Some also added the action scenes might be quite violent. The film is arriving on January 23 so let us wait for it to arrive and then decide.

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