Can Santhanam Impress Telugu Audience?

By - January 23, 2015 - 12:14 PM IST

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You don’t really have to think much if you were to name some of the famous comedians in Tollywood but have you ever seen a Tamil comedian coming to Telugu and shining bright? So far, it has never happened but one man is now coming from Kollywood and discussions are happening on his appeal.

He is none other than Santhanam and he was recently seen in the movie I alongside Chiyaan Vikram. Sources reveal the jackpot hit director Sreenu Vaitla is planning to take Santhanam for a full length role alongside mega powerstar Ram Charan. But the filmnagar circles are expressing their own doubts.

They are saying “For a comedian to shine, he needs to have the right nativity and body language that appeal to the Telugu audience. Santhanam’s comedy is more of satire and punch dialogues than comic expressions and timing. Moreover, there is no familiarity between him and the audience. So, this is going to be a gamble from Vaitla if he is keen to take him.” Let us see if Santhanam can prove his detractors wrong then.

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