Shocking News About Bollywood Villain

By - January 23, 2015 - 12:09 PM IST

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If you have seen the Hollywood movie Terminator you see a cyborg which is half man half metal but do you know that there is one actor who is filled with a good amount of metal inside his body? He is none other than the famous villain in Tollywood who hails from Bollywood. He is none other than Sonu Sood.

The chiseled hunk has always been known for his excellent physique but here is a shocking news about him. Recently, Sonu underwent a surgery and the result of that is the extraction of a large metal plate and a dozen nuts and screws. Well, he didn’t gulp them accidentally.

Sources say Sonu had a freak fall during one of the matches of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) which resulted in a massive fracture of his leg and ankle. After two long years, the required growth of tissues and bone has happened and hence the metal objects were removed. So, no more metal inside this muscular man!

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