Actor Has Only 22 Hrs In A Day

By - October 18, 2014 - 03:35 PM IST

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It is no secret even for a small child to say that a day comprises of 24 hours. Those who plan this time effectively become successful in life. However, there is one actor who says he doesn’t have 24 but only 22 hours in a day. How is that possible? What happened to those two hours? Here is the story.

That man is none other than the chiseled bad boy Sonu Sood. This handsome villain is a hot cake in Tollywood and has been part of many successful hits. So, why does Sonu have only 22 hours? This tweet from him gives you the answer-

"My day has 22 hrs and rest 2 hours are for my GYM.. So no excuses!!!!!!"

It is not sure if you know this but Sonu Sood has constantly maintained a six pack ab. Any fitness freak would tell you this is no joke. Added to that, his handsome looks blended with strong screen presence and effective performances have made him a role model. The dedication he has towards fitness is definitely praiseworthy. 

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