Vennela Kishore's Love Story Revealed

By - January 24, 2015 - 08:00 PM IST

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When you hear about an actor and his love story you may not be that surprised because it is part and parcel of the show business. But what do you call a love story of an actor without the actor in it? Sounds unusual? Well, here are the details of it which should give you some clarity.

A short film has now been shot and uploaded across various web platforms and it is titled as ‘Vennela Kishore’s Love Story’. You would naturally expect that given the title, it should have the noted actor/comedian Vennela Kishore but here is the twist. Except for his name, he is nowhere in the film.

While some are questioning the rationale behind this, it is nothing new. In the past, Vennela Kishore acted in the film titled Daughter of Varma which indicated about filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma but RGV was not there in it. Now, it looks to be the turn of Vennela Kishore. You can click this link and enjoy this entertainer though.

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