Mohan Babu Clarification on Manoj's wedding!

By - January 26, 2015 - 09:29 AM IST

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Manchu family has always been on the fore front to be open and straight forward on any important aspect of their family. The young Manchu scions have inherited this quality from Mohan Babu which makes them the most endearing stars.

Previous week there was news about Manchu Manoj’s wedding but none from the Manchu family responded on this. While most film celebrities choose to keep mum until the wedding date is announced, Mohan Babu released an official clarification on this.

“My second daughter-in-law is Miss Prananthi, the friend of Veronica (his first daughter-in-law). She is a mechanical engineer graduated from BITS Pilani and qualified CPA from New York” stated Mohan Babu.

He added, “We had a word with Pranathi’s family and will announce the engagement and wedding dates very soon”.

However, many are still in a dilemma whether it is a love marriage, an arranged marriage or a love cum arranged one!

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