Kalyan Ram Is a True Gentleman: Shruti Sodhi Interview

By - January 26, 2015 - 02:44 PM IST

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It is quite difficult to manage for a female lead to balance good performance as well as stunning glamour. Newcomer Shruti Sodhi has proved her worth and presence in the recent commercial entertainer Pataas pairing opposite Kalyan Ram. On that eve, here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the pretty actress:

Hello Shruti.. congrats on the success of your film Pataas!
Hi..thanks a lot!

Can you please tell us about your background and how you landed into film industry?
Well, my hometown is Delhi and I was residing in Mumbai since sometime. I studied Philosophy in college and joined Zee News Channel and worked as news presenter because of my interest in anchoring. I did three Punjabi films later and it is when I got this opportunity to work for Pataas. I did all these four films in less than six months duration!

You were interested as well as doing well in the media industry. What made you interested in films?
News industry is challenging as well as gets tiring after a while. However, I could get the best out of media industry in my abilities. I always believed in having multiple passions which led me to acting profession.

Did you notice any difference between Tollywood and Punjabi film industry for which you worked earlier?
I feel Tollywood has a significant larger reach compared to Punjabi films. I must say Tollywood is the next biggest industry after the mighty Bollywood in terms of revenue and turnover. I managed to get a huge banner film in Tollywood in the first chance itself and am quite happy about it.

Being from media background, were you exposed to Tollywood films?
I was busy covering the Anna Hazare issue all the while then (Laughs). I was following Bollywood films but not much of Telugu films. However, I saw few Jr.NTR films which were dubbed in Hindi on Zee Cinema and Star Gold!

Please tell us your working experience with actor Kalyan Ram..
He is a true professional and a gentleman! I was quite nervous on first day of the set because I was alien to the language, culture and the people. He helped me a lot to learn the language and get my work done easier! He also helped me with respect to presenting myself on screen and the small nuances which would make a huge difference. Despite my voice being dubbed, the pronunciation was looked after by him and director sir as well. Kalyan did a fabulous job and great dedication for every scene in Pataas.

Are you open to do any sort of role or do you have reservations with respect to role choosing?
I think time would decide on that factor. It all depends on the magnitude of the role and the production in which the film is being made. If the script is competent and the character is challenging I wouldn’t hesitate to do. As of now, I don’t know what sort of characters I get but still I am open for any good role.

Do you have any role models in film personalities?
I don’t prefer having only one single person’s life as an inspiration. Everybody has their own path and hence I take the best quality from every person I meet and learn from it!

Any special learning experience after working for Pataas?
Well, I learnt that bonding between cast and crew members is quite important for the success of the film. I don’t mean to say that people should be unprofessional but if they all work like a family, results would be fruitful. The last day of the shoot was too emotional. Though I couldn't understand the language, I could understand the emotions people were going through. I also learnt about expressing better and what Telugu people would prefer from me. 
Upcoming Films?
I want to be quite choosy about films down from now. Talks regarding few films are going on, and let us see where it goes!
Okay.. thanks a lot and wish you the best for future films!
Thank you very much.

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