Bollywood Eyes On Telugu Films

By - January 28, 2015 - 06:30 PM IST

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The concept of remakes and freemakes has been in vogue since a long time in Tollywood and it must be said that the major part of the inspiration comes from Bollywood. But in the last decade, the trend has been reversing and Bollywood has begun focusing strongly on the south films especially the Telugu movies.

Years ago, Salman Khan gained his stardom after a string of flops by doing Wanted, remake of Pokiri. Cut to the present, Mahesh Babu’s Okkadu became Tevar in Hindi and now there are reports that many noted Bollywood houses are eyeing to grab the rights for the surprise hit ‘Kaarthikeya’.

In between, few other films like Bodyguard, Kick, Ready and others also found their way into Bollywood. Currently, the Telugu movie Maaya is also getting remade as Murder 4. Given the large market and the strong potential for higher revenue, Bollywood is adopting the smart way of picking up stories from Tollywood.

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