Unique Publicity Of Ladies And Gentlemen

By - January 31, 2015 - 05:01 PM IST

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The key element for a success to a film is the publicity factor. Even if the film has great content and superb star cast, if the publicity is not right then it flunks at the box office. The objective of a film publicity is to ensure it gets maximum reach among the public and raises their interest to flock the theatres.

In Tollywood, one man is quite famous for executing this successfully. His name is Madhura Sreedhar and now he has arrived with his latest production venture Ladies And Gentlemen. The film has opened to overwhelming reviews and positive talk. Now, Madhura Sreedhar is taking it to the next level.

According to sources, students from different engineering colleges would be chosen for a special free show of the film and they can talk about it on their social networking profiles. Given the fact that the film revolves around the influence of social media on human lives, they can connect to it strongly. However, it is not sure what the selection procedure will be like. But by getting the students to watch the film, this unique publicity stint is sure to gain a strong mileage for the film.

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