Madhu Shalini Appreciates 'Ladies And Gentlemen'

By - February 03, 2015 - 08:48 PM IST

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Whenever you see an actor or actress appreciating a film, it is more often possible that the artist must be associated with the film. However, there are always exceptions and we also have starlets who do not hesitate to give a genuine compliment to a film worth praising. The authentic Telugu beauty Madhu Shalini is one such example.

The pretty girl has watched the latest release Ladies And Gentlemen and she got to share her reactions on her Twitter handle. Madhu was all praises for Chaitanya Krishna’s character as well as the performances of Adivi Sesh, Nikitha Narayan and Swathi Deekshit.

Most importantly, she appreciated the director and producer for coming up with this innovative subject in Tollywood. So far, the appreciations have been coming from the people who watched the movie and now the celebrities are also taking interest to watch the film after hearing the positive talk and reviews. For now, Madhu seems quite impressed with it.

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